Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Incredible day....

This morning we did tracking again. We split into two groups and our group first met at 4paws and learned behavior diruption. I so wish I had brought my camera with me this morning. It's so hard to remember everything when we're trying to get out the door to training. To teach the dog kisses you put peanut butter on your hand or face and tell the dog kisses. When he licks all the peanut butter off you give him a treat. David thought that since hannah will only let us kiss her on the forehead that he'd teach Koolio to give kisses there. He put peanut butter on his forehead and let him lick it off. It was HILARIOUS! Besides kisses we learned the lap, over, nuzzle and touch commands. Koolio does alot of it unsolicited when Hannah starts melting down but it was really good to learn the commands in case I need him to and he doesn't.

We were the third one in our group to track. We went to another park and Hannah and I took a path Jeremy gave us. Once we were well in the place he told us to stop we dunked behind a building. I peeked around so I could watch. We were mostly open terrain this time so I was able to see Koolio work. He did an awesome job. Hannah stepped out from the building when Koolio was about half a block away. He saw her and went off full speed with David running behind him. I thought David was going to pass out once he got to us. LOL!

This afternoon we met at the mall to learn to track there. We also practiced tethering with Hannah. She wouldn't hold on to her own leash but she did enjoy walking behind the dog and being attached. Koolio heeled perfectly and we did two tracks in Sears where he did an awesome job. We then decided to try our hand at heeling with a shopping cart while we were in Sears and he did awesome. We had one tumble when Hannah went for the shopping cart after I had put it up instead of walking behind Koolio and myself. She recovered quickly though and everything went o.k. from there.

Tonight we took Koolio to the hotel lobby for dinner and he did great. I did have to give the command twice but still that was good I thought. We then took him outside and practiced commands with him.

I'm going to post some photos in a bit. We're all tired and so ready to be home. We'll miss 4paws and the trainers but it will be so nice to be in our own home and in our own beds. Hannah has about had all she can take of being out of her element. LOL!

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Sally G said...

I think your blog is just as great as Dylan's, and I look forward to it and the pictures every day. Training does get long, and Steve referred to it as the movie "Groundhog Day" the same deal every morning, but once you are gone from the expertise of 4 Paws and your new friends, it is quite something else. Enjoy these last few days.
Much love,