Monday, February 2, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend!!!!!

We're back and recovering. On Friday I got the kids out of school and we headed to pick up David before heading on to Denison for a weekend of visiting Billie. The traffic between Dallas and McKinney was hideous! It took us an hour and half to go 30 miles. RIDICULOUS!!! We're told that is just a Friday occurance. I sure hope so. There was no wrecks or anything and it was just awful. Anyway, we got to the nursing home around 8 and visited with Billie until a little after 9. She looked really good. Just a few days and we could tell a huge difference. We left and spent the evening at Mike, Christie, and Baylee's house. Hannah did really well the entire trip and visiting Friday.

Saturday was not quite as good. She had a horrible morning. Melt down after melt down after melt down. I thought I was going insane. Finally we got to the nursing home around 1 and visited with Billie for several hours. Luckily David brought his laptop and when it pooped out Leeci let us use her portable dvd player so Hannah stayed occupied with videos and playing with all of us most of the time. We left Billie knowing she was on the road to recovery. She just really looked that good.

We stopped by my mom and dads and visited with my mom and nieces for a bit. Didnt' have as much time as I'd have liked to have had, but at least I got to see them. My dad was out and about so I didn't get to see him. Hannah enjoyed a box of toys Katie pulled out for her and playing with my mom. Giving her kisses and hugs.

We ran back my brother's house and had dinner before heading back home. They were kind enough to give us a portable dvd player which will be great on the trip to Ohio to have and Hannah had a pretty good drive home that night.

We've spent today doing laundry and getting everything done that we were unable to do before. Hannah's got a respiratory virus but seems to be combatting it alright. We all fought it over the weekend. She just happened to get the worst of it today. YUCK!

We are only 35 days away from meeting Hannah's service dog! It's so exciting and so hard to contain that excitement. She is really interested in animals lately. Which makes the timing of her getting the dog perfect. She's still sleeping with her baby doll every night too. It's the most adorable "neuro typical" thing she does! LOL! I'm going to snap a picture soon.

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