Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're home...

As you can see we got Hannah's match yesterday. He's a gorgeous Golden Retriever and his name is Koolio. We are in love with him already. Hannah wanted a yellow and green dog. She got the yellow part. We'll have to buy something green for him to wear. LOL!

Yesterday was a HARD day. I just didn't want to say good bye. Billie left us with some wonderful memories and for that I'm grateful. I just miss her really bad. The funeral was perfect. Just like she would have wanted it. She wanted us to have church and celebrate her life and that's what we did. Pastor Gilbert preached a beautiful message. I could just see Billie telling him to stop it when he called her a hero, but she was and always will be. Pastor Strawn read tributes from David and I and did a great job with his part of the service. There were a couple hundred people there at least. My mother in law was a very loved woman and it was neat to see how many lives she had touched and know that there were so many more than was even at the funeral.

Please keep praying for us. The next few weeks will be hard and we're thankful for the distraction of the dog and it's joining our family. David's family was awesome through all of this and I don't believe they'll let David isolate himself and feel alone. I'm so thankful for the love they all showed us and for the love they had for Billie.

I could ramble on forever and I don't need to. There is alot to do around here. Thank you for your continued love and support!

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