Saturday, February 28, 2009

A week from today....

I woke up this morning thinking a week from that moment I'd be getting us on our way out the door to start our journey to Ohio to pick up Koolio. I have so much still to do before then! Like find a car to take us up there. LOL! My friend's van broke down that was going to let us borrow it to go up there. It's nearly $1400 to rent one and that will make things a little more difficult.

It's been a rough morning. We moved Billie's brown chair to the livingroom and Hannah wanted to sing this morning so I sat in it and began singing to her. I went through "this is my favorite little girl" and "this little piggie" when she decided she wanted to sing the song about the pig dying and the mamma crying.(you have to know Billie and her songs! LOL! It's not as bad as it sounds!) I couldn't remember the words and I started crying. Luckily Hannah rescued me when she requested "I'll fly Away".

I've really been struggling with everything. Since July our lives have been turned upside down. We've been under constant stress. I know we have to go through the valleys in life and I'm trying to just stand firm and let God do His thing. Still it's hard. I feel so out of control of our circumstances. God is good though. All the time.

I met with Hannah's teacher yesterday. It was time for a parent teacher conference and we'll have her IEP meeting in April when we return from Ohio with Koolio. Everyone seems excited about the dog and it's coming. I'm sure we'll have to make adjustments here and there but everyone seems excited about the experience and for that I'm extremely grateful. I think it will be a wonderful educational experience for the other children too. Hannah seems to be doing o.k. in school. Having trouble with being distracted all the time and we'll need to find a way to help her learn to focus but she's learned alot to this point and for that we're thankful.

David is going to make a trip to the cemetary today and stop by sissy's to get a copy of the funeral service on cd. Please keep praying for him. All of us.

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