Monday, February 9, 2009

Shower photos

This is Hannah with Tobi. She was VERY interested in everything Tobi did but kept a small distance. I can't wait until she has her own dog and has time to bond with it. She's been very intersted in animals lately. We've had a cat for 14 years and she's never paid any attention to the cat. Now she follows Precious around everywhere she goes and is always wanting to pet her.
Another photo of Hannah and Tobi.

This is Tobi. One of the ladies helping with the shower came in and asked Tobi if she could pet her and Tobi shook her head yes. It was the talk of the day. LOL! They could not believe the dog understood her and responded.

This is the cake. Vicki brought it and it was almost too adorable to eat. Nobody wanted to cut it.

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