Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, she's turning so girly....

LOL! Night before last I thought Hannah was asleep so I was going to move her doll from a rather awkward position. She grabbed that sucker and wrapped her arms around it so tight. It was the cutest thing.

Last night she found a Disney princess purse that was bought for her YEARS ago and she never paid a bit of attention to it. Well, last night she did. First I had to cut the tags out of the inside. She can't stand tags on anything btw. Then I put a few things inside it. She was in HOG heaven! It was so cool to experience!

Are y'all tired of all my rants of all these little insignifican things? I'm telling you, having a child with autism really makes you stop and appreciate those "little" things. And you know what? There really is alot of joy I'm convinced we miss because we're always looking for those huge things. There are so many more small experiences in life. So, if we can enjoy the small, maybe we'll enjoy more of life. You think? LOL! I'll quit now!

Only 28 more days!!!!!!!

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flutevet said...

I am so happy for all these moments that are happening. I think they are just beginning and will continue to grow and grow and you will see God's hand at work on Hannah! You all are in our prayers! Lisa (flutevet)