Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No news yet...

In my excitement yesterday of knowing we'd find out our match on Monday I forgot to tell y'all about the eeg. It was a rough one. LOL! Hannah has to be sleep deprived so I put her down around 11 that night and got her up at 5 the next morning. The only available appointment was 3:00 p.m. I sent Hannah on to school and she did o.k. but when we got to the office they were running an hour behind and well, that was all the princess could take. She did not cooperate witht he eeg technician at all. I'm not sure how he got what he needed to get done, done but he did. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get any useful information simply because she was kicking the wall and her daddy's head through most of the test. We can always hope. So, I'm still awaiting test results and a call back from the epi. I'll post as soon as we know something.

My brother brought down Hannah's bed last night and spent the night with us. When I told Hannah Uncle Mike was coming she said, "and aunt Christy". She loves her Uncle Mike and Aunt Christy! She played hard last night. LOL! Uncle Mike wore her out. We had a very intersting moment and had to celebrate. Hannah walked over to my brother and he had his work badge attached to his shirt. She touched it and said, "uncle mike, what is this?" I about fell off the couch! We had to celebrate and tell her how good it was and the whole time she was looking at us like, "these people are so easy to please...." LOL!

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