Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Matches on Monday!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

This has been a fun experience. There are 5 papillons and they are like the 4paws "mascots". Anyway, as each class draws near the class send bribes, poems, and songs to these dogs to encourage them to sneek a peak at the LIST! The list being the list of matches. So far our class has sent a huge box of things for the pink girlz and the pinkettes, a box of chocolates to Jeremy the trainer, and a cookie bouquet to the entire staff. Plus yesterday one of our class members bought a cut of beef and cooked it up, put it on a plate, and wrapped it in a box for Yoda(the male pappilon). It's really silly fun to help take some of the stress out of the wait.

We got this email from Yoda today....

Yoda here

Okay I have a plan.... with the bait in hand (thanks for sending it) I plan to make my move Monday. In the meantime I am training intensively with Gracie (Piper is still too busy with the little ones and is on family leave). I think I will be ready by Monday and we are formulating the plan. More details later....

So, we should know which dog is Hannah's by Monday.

I'm posting some pictures of the mascot dogs....


Pinkette Eliana

Pinkette Raziela


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