Friday, February 13, 2009

Epi ordered EEG

I heard back from the epi today and he has ordered an eeg for Monday. He wants to see if he can see anything going on. I sent him a letter today via fax and he was going to review it and give me a call back on Monday. Please pray he'll take my concerns seriously. We only have 3 weeks until we go to Ohio to get Hannah's dog and I'd like to have her settled more before then. All these new seizure developments have really got me worried.

On top of that Billie is having some difficulties and having to have tests. She's also very fearful of it all and panicing. Please pray for some peace to cover her. Poor David is so torn between trying to be here for Hannah and being there for his mom. I feel so bad for him but the things that are going on with Hannah are things he needs to be aware of and involved in. I don't know what to do sometimes. I think I should just do it all myself but I can't. Hannah needs her daddy. Please pray for him too.

Hannah had her Valentine's party at school today. She was a really huge brat during most of it. I'm so ready to have my sweet, good natured little girl back. I hope she can be recovered. This is all so unfair. I try hard not to talk about the "fairness" of all that has happened but this one is a hard one for me to get over. I want my lover of life little girl back.....

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