Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yellow and Green dog named Sandy

I had the most interesting conversation with Hannah the other night. Well, if you want to call it a conversation. Hannah is very echolaic so most of what she says is repeating what she hears. However as I lay there trying to get her to go to sleep we talked about her doggie. Sometimes out of the blue she suprises you and we get a very "typical" moment with her. I asked her what color doggie she'd like to have. She told me, "yellow......green.....yellow and green". It was so hard not to laugh and if I were not totally shocked that she had even answered me, I probably would have. I then asked her what she would like her dog to be named and she said, "Sandy.....Spongebob". So, from what I gather from our conversation Hannah hopes to have a yellow and green dog that she can call Sandy after the squirrel on SpongeBob. Isn't that adorable! BTW, yellow and green seem to be her favorite colors along with purple when she's in the mood and she adores Sandy on SpongeBob. Well, she adores anything SpongeBob related. LOL! As if you can't tell that from all the SpongeBob PJ shots!

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