Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The last few days the news has been full of the Jett Travolta death. For parents with children who have seizure disorders it's the BIGGEST fear. People DO die from seizures. If nothing else comes from this tragedy maybe people will step back and QUIT saying, "well, at least you don't die from seizures". Yes, people do say that to me as incredulous as it sounds. Epilepsy as a whole may not be a number one killer, or even the most dangerous disease around. However, if you have severe seizure disorder or a seizure disorder at all, the chance that you'll have a seizure that will not stop on it's own is always there. When that happens it puts stress on the heart and lungs.

I can tell you that what the Travolta's are going through is something I fear everyday. I'm working on not fearing it, but I'm wondering if that is even possible for me. The thought of Hannah having a seizure alone without anyone knowing it until it is too late is paralyzingly fearful to me. I do not want her to be alone.

That's what drove me to apply for the service dog. I wanted her to have a constant companion that she loved and that would love her. Something that could tell us she was in distress if we were not there and that would support and love her until we could get there to assist her. I do not want to happen on her seizing and not know how long it was or how many she had before I found her.

So, my heart goes out to the Travolta's. I am praying for comfort and peace.

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