Monday, January 5, 2009

Tobi meeting and stuff

I didn't get any photos of Tobi and Hannah's meeting. She wouldn't stay close enough long enough. LOL! She did love Tobi but didn't like it when she invaded her personal space. When Tobi would go off or away Hannah would hollor, "Doggie, doggie, come, come" All in all I think it was a good meeting and that although she's a little apprehensive around dogs she is very interested and likes them. I don't think it'll take her long to get comfortable with her dog.

Zachary and Hannah went back to school today. Hannah was very happy about it. Zachary, not so much.

It's cold and raining here. It was 80 degrees day before yesterday and is supposed to be in the 70's by Wednesday. I know Ohio is having crazy weather too. I hope all the craziness is over before training.

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