Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mrs. Miller is Beautiful....

Lately, we've been working with Hannah on her teacher's names. She has one teacher who's name she'll say occassionally at home, but never at school. Friday night I was working with her and I said, "Mrs. Miller". Hannah replied, "She is BEAUTIFUL!" I thought, "did she really say that?" Not because I don't think Mrs. Miller is beautiful just because it's something I hadn't heard her say before. So, I said, "Mrs. Miller" again. Hannah's reply...."so BEAUTIFUL!" So, Mrs. Miller should feel good because Hannah may not say her name for her but she thinks she's BEAUTIFUL!

David's mom is stable. She's still in ICU and the doctor told me that the enzymes they look at to determine a heart attack were in a "gray" area so it's kind of iffy. She could have had a heart attack or she may not have. I really believe she did or was about to. Every time she's ever had a heart attack she's had the same symptoms. This will be the third serious episode. Please pray for her continued improvement. I'm really having trouble thinking in terms of her leaving us, even to go to a rehab facility. She's been in our home for nearly 8 years now, and just walking by her room knowing she's not in it is tough. David told me yesterday he went in to talk to her and she wasn't there. It was strange. He usually goes in and talks to her a bit while he drinks his coffee in the mornings......since I started this post David came in from seeing her and spoke with the doctor. She did have a heart attack. They are concerned because the meds she is on are just about up and it is what kept her blood pressure up. Without it they're afraid her blood pressure will go back down. Which means her heart sustained some damage. She won't be coming home. She'll have to go into a rehab facility. Please keep her and our family in your prayers.

This year hasn't started off too well.

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