Friday, January 23, 2009

Hannah visited Nanna

Tonight Hannah and I ran into the hospital for a few minutes. Hannah had on her pj's so I was thankful we didn't run into anyone we knew. Well, we did run into the pharmacy lady but she thought Hannah was cute. Anyway, Billie was so excited when she saw Hannah and Hannah was thrilled to see her nanna. Hannah went straight to her bed and wanted a kiss. We then got tickled when she told her nanna, "it's been so long." We didn't stay long because the little princess started wanting to turn off the lights and was starting to notice all kinds of things she could get into. I'll take her back tomorrow probably for a little longer visit maybe.

David's second cousin Ryan leaves for basic this weekend. I think he's going into the marine reserves or something like that. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. He'll be terribly missed while he's away.

Oh, and if you hadn't gathered Billie got out of ICU today. She's doing better. We know it's all the prayers! Thank you so much!

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