Friday, January 9, 2009

Feeling the Pressure...

I'm starting to really feel the pressure....LOL! I spent the morning making arrangements for David's mom to have a place to stay while we're gone to training. She'll be staying with her sister in Denison and will be there about a month because I'll have to take her up early and it'll be a week after we get back before I can go back and get her. I made all her doctor appointments for the next two months so they'll be out of the way before we go. Luckily, Hannah's are all scheduled for when we get back. It's tough when her and Billie are going to the doctor one right after the other.

We're all getting more excited I think. It is starting to really set in that we're about to have this amazing constant help in our lives. Hannah is talking more about "doggies" lately. She's talking alot more lately period. LOL! Seriously, she is talking nonstop. We've noticed that she is stimming(hand flapping and rocking) more but seems to be really opening up to the world around her. She is playing with toys, playing with us, and very interested in the world around her. It's so encouraging.

I've really been fighting discouragement lately. It seems that everything is such a fight. I've felt like I am climbing this huge mountain and I can never reach the top. I just get almost there or half way there and I have to start all over at the bottom. It's tiring. I wonder if there really is a top at all. I do alot of it to myself. I take in the expectations of all the people around me and because I am so super responsible I magnify them and feel like I have to do it all myself. I can't do it all myself however and I'm not supposed to. The greatest moments in my life are when I let someone come along beside me and let them walk with me a little while in my life. So, why do I fight so hard to do it MYSELF? It's craziness really. I LOVE helping other people. I love encouraging, lifting, and helping others. Why would I think anyone else would feel differently about helping, encouraging, or lifting me? It's pride I think and it's always got me in trouble. One of these days I'll learn. Thanks to all those people who have refused to, and continue to refuse to let me do it on my own no matter how stubborn or unreasonable I get. I love you!

Wow, where all that came from I don't know. LOL! I'll keep y'all posted on all the happenings! Only 59 more days!

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