Friday, January 16, 2009

Excitement, decisions, and stuff

Well, Yesterday the last training class before ours found out who their dog was. That means that in approximately a month I will be able to post a letter and picture from Hannah's dog telling everyone it's breed and name! It was hard to contain our excitement. It's also hard to not panic about how much we have left to do to get ready for the dog.

Last night we had to call 911 for David's mom. I believe she was having a heart attack and today there has been some evidence of it. They moved her from a regular room to ICU today and have put her on meds to try to keep her from having a heart attack and to hopefully improve her heart function. My heart is heavy because a decision I thought we'd never have to make is really close to having to be made. I never thought I'd consider nursing rehab care but it is very apparent that we are unable to give Billie the care she needs. It literally breaks my heart. David is her only surviving son and she is a widow so this decision is falling squarely on his already heavy laden shoulders. He's being incredibly brave. We have not discussed the possiblity with her yet so if any of you talk to her please do not mention it in case we have not gotten to speak openly with her about it. I did speak with a facility and her doctor today. It's just so hard to even think about for me. I want what's best for her though and she has not thrived with us since her hip injury and heart attacks in 2007.

A friend of mine is throwing Hannah a "dog" shower Feb. 7th so look out for your invitation! I hope some of you can come. It will be alot of fun I think.

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