Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clarification and ramblings....

First, Thank you to everyone that is supporting us and encouraging us. We could not make it without you.

Second, about the "dog" shower. I apologize to anyone recieving an invitation that already contributed to the dog and was offended. A friend wanted to do this for us and we thought it would be alright. We appreciate everyone that has already donated to the cause. I did not take the time to go through the address list and "think" about who we should invite or shouldn't. I just didn't have the time. Please do not be offended if you didn't get an invite. It wasn't intentional, I promise. Everyone is invited that wants to come and if you were invited and don't want to attend, well, don't. I am very sorry that anyone was offended. Please forgive us and try to understand any offenses were unintentional.

Third, well, I'm not going into it. Just please give me a break. I try to do things to the best of my ability but alot of times my best just isn't enough. If you need to know more, just come stay with us 24 hours and I promise you'll leave giving us all a little more grace than you did when you first stopped in. I'm a good person. I love my family and that includes my mother in law. I'm not at my best right now, but I've been under a tremendous amount of stress that has caused severe headaches and stomachaches. Anyway, if you get mad at me for something, please step back and take all this into consideration before getting too upset at me. I'd never intentionally hurt, tick off, or offend anyone.

O.K. So, now, I'm done with my rambling! I'm getting up and shaking the dust off! In a few weeks we will have a wonderful new life changing experience and it's because people cared. We are grateful for every ounce of support and help that has been given. I'd have never asked this for myself, but Hannah needs this dog and well, she deserves it, imo. Thank you!

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