Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas....

I'll upload some photos soon. We had an interesting Christmas. David came down with the flu Tuesday night. He was in bed most of Christmas eve except when he went out to buy me some presents. The poor man was miserable. I'm really glad Hannah and I got flu shots! For the first time since we've had kids I took care of all the Christmas fixings when everyone went to bed all by myself. I really missed the fun we usually have doing this together. It was hard not to get bummed. The only thing that kept me from being bummed, I think, was that the boys had left a note for "santa" with milk and some reeses peanut butter cups. The note said, "Merry Christmas Santa. P.S. Sorry we didn't have cookies." Just knowing they were having a good time took some of the "bum" from me.

We had some really exciting moments Christmas eve. As most of you know Hannah doesn't "get" Christmas. She loves to sing Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday Jesus, but we still don't know how much she understands. Well, we dug santa hats out of a box and she wanted to put one on. I put it on her and she went through the house saying, "ho, ho, ho!" It was quite entertaining and uplifting to say the least. David had won this globe santa that changes colors and when I showed it to Hannah she started singing...."you better watch out, santa claus is coming to town." So, she's understanding more and more. She also told Jesus happy Birthday yesterday!!!!!!! :<)

I hope y'all had a great Christmas!

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