Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Girl is a Mess!!!!

It's one extreme or the other around here these days. Hannah just loves to aggravate lately. She's gotten really mischievous. Yesterday we spent all day making her put the cushions back on the couch that she had taken off a million times. Today she's been in Zachary's birthday cake several times. She's getting into everything. I think we're going through the terrible twos at age 7.

There have been few meltdowns the last few days which is really a relief. We're still on the same meds. I've added giving her a 100 mg's of vitamin 6 and it may be helping a bit. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

At any rate I'll take those aggravating, mischievous days over those days in the hospital anytime. In reality they can be really fun. Sometimes I just have to adjust my attitude at the moment. LOL!

Oh, and yesterday I was so excited! Hannah and I were playing around on the computer when she started pushing each key and telling me the name of the letter. She knows them all. I knew she did but sometimes it's hard to know for sure because she just lacks the ability to communicate what she knows. It was an encouraging development though and let me know that the work we're doing with her is getting through.

On Friday we went to the lab and had Hannah's lab drawn for the SCN1A mutation testing. Really we're sure she has it. It's complicated. Most neuros treat epilepsy as a whole and do not think in terms of syndromes when treating it. So, basically it's been up to me to get our neuro the information about this syndrome and how it needs to be treated. Thank God for The Idea League and Dr. Angela Black who are helping me with that. The geneticist we saw felt Hannah definitely had DRAVET and Hannah fits all the criteria for determining it. Even if the test comes back negative for the mutation it doesn't mean she doesn't have it. We'll have to go to a specialist which we have to do anyway and they will make the final determination. As weird as it sounds I hope the test shows us something. As awful as DRAVET is, it will be nice to know what we're dealing with and can focus on treating it particularly. So, I should have the results in 4 to 6 weeks.

I still have tons to do and a little over 3 months to get it done in. I've about put the finishing touches on the final video to send to 4paws. I've filled out the dog match form and sent it to them. I still have to buy a few dog supplies but think I will wait until we see which dog she gets. Also, I've got to finish raising our funds for travel. We're also going to make a move to a larger, better house before the end of the year.

It's hard to believe the holiday's are around the corner. I know the Chapman's will be extra thankful this year for God's blessings in our lives. We are so blessed and we know we are! We live with a constant reminder of how good God is. Every smile, giggle, run, skip, and song we are reminded of the miracle we have among us. God is Good!

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