Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Javan's Service Dog....

Javan is the grandson to a dear friend I met through 4paws. They live in Hurst Texas and he is in the December Training class. He will meet his dog on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd! We're so excited for Javan! This is the letter from his dog and her picture.

Hello! my name is Mesa and I am a Goldendoodle. I am a member of the national Parks gang born to Allie and Hobo. My birthday is 11-9-2007 and I am a girl dog. I hope you do not mind and I sure hope you are not one of those boys who runs around saying girls have kooties! I am so excited you are coming. I heard you visited us and were actually in the same building with me. WOW you know what I think I felt you here! I was just sitting there in my crate and bam you came into my head and I was thinking it was THE Tuesday and you were here to get me. Well,it is only one more week! Next Tuesday it will really be THE day and we will be together! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mesa

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