Sunday, November 9, 2008


Please pray for mine. I'm going to call the neuro first thing in the morning. I want Hannah off lamictal and Keppra. I KNOW topomax works and she didn't cry all the time when she was on it. I want to at least see if it causes her to cognitive slow down. If it does, then I'll ask for something else. She can't live like this! I won't let her. We've had 5 days out of 7 of meltdowns where she just cries for hours and hours. I've tried giving her B6 to counter the side effects of keppra but it's just not working. Please pray for her. She keeps telling me she's sorry and I keep telling her it's o.k. but she just keeps crying. I think she knows she shouldn't be crying but just can't help it. I don't know. (((sigh))) We need your prayers!

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