Monday, November 24, 2008

Dr Visit

After a weekend of illness I took Hannah to the doctor today. She has a bad cold, with sinusitis and bronchitis. She can barely talk. Dr. Beyer put her on an antibiotic and gave her a cough medicine.

I got a call from Scottish Rites today and they are referring Hannah to Children's Medical Center for a intense rehabilition program to treat her hypotonia. The program involves botox injections so I have something else to learn about. I'm not going to attempt getting her in until after the New Year. We just have too much happening right now.

Next week I will be attending the Autism conference in Arlington. I'm so excited to get to go. I've heard wonderful things about it and look forward to the information I should get from the experience.

Please keep praying for Hannah. I did complete her video and my friend Vicki hand delivered it to 4paws today! She is there with her grandson to get his service dog. I cant' wait to hear about their experience and meet their dog!

Got to get this girl to bed!

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