Friday, October 3, 2008

News & NIght

The ICU docs just made their rounds. CBK levels are going down. We are going to move to the floor sometime today. I inquired about her continuously being sick since May and made it known we wanted it resolved before we left this hospital. They are putting the in house pediatrician on it when we go to a room and they said they would direct us to the help she needs to resolve these issues. Please pray we get some answers. Status epileptus is hard on the body especially the muscles and the heart is a muscle. If she continues to go status we are looking at some damage eventually that she possibly wouldn't recover from.

Hannah did not sleep much last night at all. She was up most of the night. They brought a 7 wk old baby that had been in a car accident in next to us. When the baby cried Hannah giggled. She has the giggles about the silliest things. There's another little girl that is in isolation by us and when people go in they have to put on gowns and masks. Hannah has just giggled and giggled at their masks. Once I thought she was sound asleep so I laid down on the little bed where I could see her but could rest too. I dozed evidentally because I woke up to her falling in the floor. She was trying to get out of here! LOL! Luckily she didn't hurt herself and no lines were pulled out. She just said, "uh oh whoopsie". Needless to say we've not left her bedside for more than a second again. At least we know she can't stand up yet, I guess. Anyway, nothing real eventful happened through the night.

I did get to rest some early this morning. Thanks to my fabulous husband. He got up around 5 and took my place and I slept from 5 to nearly 9 with a few interuptions. Please continue to pray for Hannah. More than anything I want some answers. I want my girl well.

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