Friday, September 19, 2008

Seizure day...

Hannah is recovering from a seizure this morning. She was unable to go to school She woke me up at 3:30 just really restless. I thought she might have a stomach ache. Around 7 she was running a fever and I gave her ibuprophen and by 8 she was having a tonic clonic. She came out of it alright. It lasted about 2 1/2 minutes and it was only one. I was sitting there praying the entire time...."just be one....just be one....just be one..." I didn't have to give her emergency med either. I've got a call into the neuro. He's probably going to have me increase her lamictal.

Things have not been too good around here lately. Really stressful. Melt downs have increased, but if a seizure has been brewing then that explains them because she's sometimes really cranky a couple of days before she has one. On Tuesday she basically cried most of the day.

Yesterday I had lunch with her at school. I was a little leary of it because routine is really important to Hannah. Kids with autism actually feel physical pain when their routine is interupted. So, I debated most of the morning and decided to just try it. I think it went alright. She did think she was supposed to come home with me but seemed to adjust when I explained I'd be back later and for her to go with her teachers. It felt good to do something "normal" with her. Something I did often with my boys.

I'll update as needed. Please pray she gets over this virus or whatever it is.

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