Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pictures from Sale Today

These are my guys! Aren't they handsome!?!?! Kyle and Zachary

Hannah enjoying the slide on the church playground

Hannah posing before heading down the slide. Note the white vest. That's her cooling vest. It keeps her core body temperature at a safe level so she doesn't overheat.

This is all the garage sale stuff. It filled the entire back porch area which is about the size of a gymnasium.

A closer look at some of the stuff and workers.

This is Rachael and one of her daughters. I think it's KC. I'll find out for sure and make a correction if I'm wrong. LOL! All three of her girls were there helping at some time during the sale. They are awesome girls. She should be one proud momma!
This is Ruth Ann. She is one of the leaders in with Rachael over Girls in Action at
Central Baptist Chruch. Her daughter, son and husband were at the sale too. I should have done a better job of picture taking. I'm regretting not having picutres of everyone. These people are amazing.

This is my man, David! Hot and tired, but still looking good!

This is a picture of the sale; shoppers, stuff, and workers. The lady in the brown shirt and pony tail is the pastor's wife. I forgot her name.(my memory is getting BAD lately) Anyway, she was really nice and down to earth. I wish I had gotten a better picture of her and her family. They were great! Her daughter was at the sale and her husband and son stopped in as well.

Here's Hannah striking her famous pose!

This is Hannah swinging. I have to say that this day was full of precious times for us. Hannah had never willing gotten in a swing. It's a sensory issue. She just couldn't tolerate the swinging motion. Not today! We had to pry her out of it. Her bubba Kyle had the honors of easing her into it and then the duty of giving her the pushes. LOL! He can get her to do alot of things none of the others of us can. I don't know what we'll do when he leaves for college in two years!
Still Swinging.

Still Swinging. Zach is looking on.

Still Swinging

Swinging. Zach and Kyle are hanging out to make sure all is well.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you were having lots of fun. I'll see you Monday morning.
Love you,

Hannah said...

Thanks Jeida. I did have fun, and I had fun playing today. See you in the morning.