Sunday, August 24, 2008


Things have been busy around here. We took Hannah to "Meet The Teacher" night Thursday. We drove up in front of the school and she said, "WOW, school!" So, my fears that she would not understand that the new school was now her school were unwarranted. She knew. She walked into the building very excitedly and we found her classroom. When we got into the classroom Hannah discovered her desk and had to try it out. She was in heaven! She calls her teacher Miss Mo-ba-lee. Her name is Mrs. Mobley. I have not met the people that will be assisting in that classroom but have heard great things about them. Hannah should have an enjoyable year for sure. I think I talked way too much to Mrs. Mobley and kept her past the allotted time. She was kind to listen and I really feel good about leaving Hannah in her care. I'm always nervous about her being in another person's care, but I do know that God is in charge and He's the best one to be in charge!

This morning we went to Central Baptist to visit. It was an enjoyable service. I didn't get to talk to Rachael. I'm not even sure if she knew we were there. LOL! The congregation was very kind as they were when Hannah and I did VBS there.(the one day before she got sick) The music was fantastic, and the message fed both David and I. There was a couple of times Hannah said "amen" and got a few chuckles from the people around us, but they didn't seem to mind much. Hannah really gets with the preaching! What can I say? LOL!

It's only two weeks until the garage sale. I'm still trying to relax about letting other people help us in this way. It's not the end I'm used to being on. I know though that if I were doing this all alone it would be almost more than I can handle. I'm thanking and praising God everyday for people who were willing to help. I'm in awe of how God works, and the love His people have for others.

We are less than 6 mths away from going to get Hannah's new companion. I don't know who is more excited. Me, or her. She talks about her doggie but it's hard to know if she really gets that she's going to get one. I've read some amazing stories lately about what these dogs do for their owners. Once again, I stand in awe at how God works. He has created some pretty amazing things.

We're getting ready to start school on Tuesday. Oh, did I tell y'all Hannah has to have glasses again. She hasn't worn them since she was 2 years old! She had her surg and it corrected her vision. The other day she had her check up and her vision has been affected and we can either have another surg or do glasses. We have chosen glasses for now because the opthamologist told me that even if Hannah had the surg. she'd probably still have to have glasses. I'm just not up to putting her through a surg. right now. So far no new seizures. We'll see the neuro again on the 8th of Sept. Her rash is almost completely gone too. So, things are improving.

Thanks again and please continue to keep her in your prayers!

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