Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's the Brave one?

O.K. So, school started this morning....I know I've said it over and over how brave Hannah is, but you know what, she may be brave, but her momma is brave too! I left my little girl in the hands of other people for a whole day after nearly losing her just a little over a month ago! And I'll have to do it day after day too! Mind you, I know they are perfectly capable and very caring people, and will love Hannah to pieces once they get to know her, but still! LOL!

I heard from her teacher earlier who told me not to worry, and I'm trying not to. LOL! So far she's thrown things, hit the occupational therapist and told her she was killing her, and has not eaten or drank anything. I'm literally in shock! She never acts this way. I tried hard to prepare her for the change she would experience. She went from Franklin to the elementary this year. New school, new teachers, new everything. I just coulnd't get it through to that mind of hers no matter how hard I tried. When I say school she thinks Franklin. My hope is that she'll adjust in the next few days and she'll enjoy her new school as much as her old. She did have an absense seizure they think at lunch time. It only lasted a few seconds though so that is good.

I'm thankful that her teachers are so good and have been so willing to work with me. Please pray she can make this adjustment as quickly as possible, and that she'd continue to be well. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support.

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