Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sigh of Relief....

Can you feel my relief from there? I had Hannah's ARD today and I am so relieved. The staff was great. They did an excellent job of making me feel like what was important to me was important to them. They listened to my over zealous information laiden self! LOL! And were so kind about it all too! I cannot tell you what a relief it was to know that Hannah would be in good hands and that my concerns and Hannah's needs were important and would be met to the best of their ability. I know Hannah will thrive in her new school with her new education team. She'll miss Mrs. Wheeler and all the people who took such wonderful care of her at Franklin, but I'm betting she'll love her new teachers and the people who work with her too. Thank you God for putting such awesome, wonderful, caring people in our path to help us let Hannah have a life!!!!!!

Hannah still has the rash and we're still waiting on test results. They are taking FOREVER! LOL! She has done well otherwise. Still no fever, welping, blistering, swollen glands, etc. We see the opthamologist next week to see if the swelling went down on her optical nerve and also to see if she needs glasses or additonal surgery.

Hannah's been a mess this week. She has lauged all week long over the silliest things. I mean giggled herself silly. She's decided that she needs naps. Well, not the kind of naps you'd think....her naps are mommy and her laying in bed and playing. She's been saying the word...."boogar" to me and I've been telling her "Gross Hannah!" Well, this week she's taken to putting a finger in each nostil and twisting them around and saying...."Boogar Momma!" Then she just giggles. Another thing she did this week that just fascinates me is that I picked up my cell phone to call someone and she came and stood by me and said, "254-498-2999. Thanks so much!" I'm like....WHAT? Then I realize that everytime I leave a message on the doctors answering machine and that's been alot lately I say, "my number is 254-498-2999 thanks so much." It amazes me that she can memorize something like that and is hit and miss on her alphabet and the sounds the letters make. Oh, to get in her brain and see how it works!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! It is appreciated, I promise.

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