Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Week

The first week of school just came to an end. It didn't go smoothly but what has ever gone smoothly with Hannah! LOL! She's been super cranky lately and irritable. I have to remind myself that we always go through this when getting on a new medication. Once the medication is at the right level and her body gets used to it, I get my precious little girl back. But, until then, life is not too fun!

She doesn't want to get up to go to school. Once she does, she's fine though and seems to enjoy it. I think it is just a huge adjustment for her going from one school to another. Different teachers, building, kids, etc. She seems to like all her teachers. She talks about Mrs. Mobley, who btw, got a desk slammed on her foot this week. Bless her heart. These teachers really are angels. Anyway, Hannah told me one day, "Mrs Mo-ba-lee say.....YEOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" The next day I go to school and find out why Mrs. Mobley said "YEOOOOOOOOOW!" Hannah's back to bossing the boys too. At home she is constantly telling Alexis, "no, no, no, no Alexis. Trash Alexis. Good Boy Alexis!" Alexis isn't here but he still gets bossed.

This year I am taking a little girl to school when I take Hannah and picking her up. She's the little girl of a friend of mine that I worked with at Mikasa. The little girl's name is Jeida and she is absolutely adorable. Her daddy is going to be fighting the boys off with a stick! Anyway, Hannah just loves her and Jeida has taken kind of a mother hen roll. Helps Hannah buckle her seat belt and unbuckle it, etc. They have become "sisters". Tuesday Jeida is going to come to our house after school and watch a movie with Hannah. I'm nervous because Hannah is "different" but Jeida doesn't seem to mind at all. She just wants to play and she helps Hannah play. Their relationship may just be an answer to prayer for me.

Just when I about give up on Hannah ever "getting" something she surprises me. This morning she brought me her letter easel and started pointing at letters and telling me their names. She picked out f - r- o - g and spelled and sounded out frog. Mind you she learned that spelling from Super Why but hey, what kid doesn't learn some things from videos anymore. I felt encouraged anyway.

I think her story comes out in the paper this week. Hard to believe that her fund raiser is this next Saturday. Please keep it in your prayers. We need around at least $4,000 just to go to training in March. That will cover hotel, food, and gas to get there. We have to purchase supplies for the dog too. I know what we'll all be getting for Christmas this year. Dog supplies! LOL!

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