Monday, August 4, 2008

Complex Partial

On Friday night Hannah went to sleep. It took her a very long time to go to sleep which is not something unusual for her when she's adjusting to new meds. I went to the livingroom to spend some time with the boys and David took his laptop to our bed so he could keep watch and get some work done too. I had just settled in with the guys when David hollored my name and started banging on the wall. When I got to our room he thought Hannah was seizing. She had hollored out in her sleep and her arms and legs were shaking. She acted like she couldn't see him. We turned on lights and when I got to her she was shaking, crying a strange cry, and her eyes were glazed over. I told David to get the emergency meds and did what you do during a seizure. We didn't have to use the meds and this all only lasted a couple of minutes. When she stopped she just went to sleep like nothing ever happened. I spent half the night researching what it was and I believe she had a complex partial seizure. Which is a new develpment really. She's only had a partial one other time when she was 2 1/2 years old. I've got a call into the neurologist this morning as he wants every seizure reported. Saturday and Sunday were uneventful.

We took Billie to the podiatrist this morning and Hannah cracked us up. The doctor would say, "um huh, um huh" when she talked to Billie. Well, Hannah started repeating her. Then when she was using the file to round out Billie's toe nails Hannah started making the buzzing noise the file was. You had to be there but it was pretty funny. She also tooted once and looked at me and said, "it smells like......GROSS!" Some other mom's who have kids with autism were telling their echolia stories last night on a forum. I think it was good therapy to laugh about it. One of the little girls would hollor out during a quiet part of mass "chica chica ow ow" from the Chipmunks movie. LOL! Another would hollor out at mass when things got boring, "SAY AMEN!" You got to laugh. When Hannah gets tired of people she tells them bye whether they are ready to go or not. She also tells her daddy he's gross whether he's doing anything gross or not. For a while she'd tell him over and over "shut up David". That would be my fault because David is an aggrevator as most of you know and he can tell these really off the wall corny jokes sometimes. And he always waits for the best opportunity to spring them on me, ya know. So, I didn't realize it, but I would say, "shut up David" and well, Miss Hannah picked it up unfortunately. I had to start being nice and say, "Quit being silly David" all the while giving him the rabbi salute! LOL!

There's really no new information. Oh, yeah, I took her to the doctor on Thursday last week and she had a touch of pneumonia in her right lung. We've had to give her steroids for a few days. I'm afraid though that those have not reacted well with her other meds. (((sigh)))

Please keep praying!

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