Friday, July 25, 2008

Still Improving....

Thank you for your continued prayers. We had a follow up appointment yesterday and she still looked good. Hannah is very tired still and runs out of energy quickly, but that gets better everyday. We see the neurologist on Monday. So far she's doing o.k. on the Lamictal. No allergic rash. Please keep this in your prayers. Everything I've read about this med has been good. The only problem is that some people develop an allergy and can't take the med. We don't want that to happen to Hannah. We will be following up with her pediatrician next week too.

I got a couple of replies on the epilepsy board I'm a member of that just confirms that we got a miracle. One mom said, "My son's first recognized seizure was also status, but it was much shorter. Still, it took him a few weeks to be able to walk and speak properly again. You have a miracle girl there!" Another mom said, "I am so thankful that your daughter is doing well. I will tell you that you have a miracle!!!!!!!! I had to read your post as my Hannah had a status seizure out of the blue that lasted 1 hour and 55 minutes. She can no longer walk or talk. You are truly blessed!!!!!!! " We remain ever so grateful our girl pulled through this the way she did. We thank God continuously and we thank y'all for praying with us.

Right before all this, Hannah had a really fun week. She had gone to VBS a few days at FBC. A couple of her teacher's go there and they worked it out where I could go with her and assist Hannah as needed. Hannah really enjoyed it, especially rec time and rally time. Everyone was so kind to us and let me do whatever I needed to do to help Hannah participate. Hannah has also been doing aquadic therapy every Saturday in Euless. She LOVES it. David and Hannah do the therapy together and it's become something she loves to do with her daddy. It's alot of fun to watch her because she just gets to be herself. Everyone there has disabilities so there is no trying to fit into a typical world. She just gets to be Hannah, and Hannah is an awesome person!(yeah, I'm biased)

I am calling an ARD to go over some things. First, I want to go over her emergency care plan because now that she's went status there are a few changes. Then I want to have her reaccessed by the therapist because she may need more therapy than before. We also need to start discussions about her dog she is getting in a little over 7 mths! Can you believe it? Only 7 mths to go.

Central Baptist is doing a fund drive to help with our expenses to training and supplies for the dog. That is scheduled for Sept. 6th. I'll be glad because my garage is full of stuff for the sale. It's been so nice to know that I won't have to figure this out on my own. Rachael and all the people she has approached to help have been FABULOUS!

Our family is slowly getting settled again. I think David and I have suffered a little PTS. Neither of us have slept much and we find each other awake and staring at Hannah. Don't get me wrong, I know we got a miracle and we are rejoicing. However, the experience was a traumatic one and we are recovering with God's help.

Please continue to pray for Hannah as she recovers. Thank you again so much!

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