Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hi all. I apologize for the lapse between updates. Things just got really hectic yesterday evening. I'll start with good news. We're out of the PICU unit and in a private room. We were moved to the 4th floor room p-405 around 9:30 last night. It's a great room and Hannah seems much more comfortable. She's slept well. We slept more than we did in PICU and it's just overall and easier place to be.

Thanks to all my pals that took food to my house for the guys and Billie yesterday. Zachary was VERY excited about the chocolate chip cookies. I don't buy them because he eats them up too QUICKLY. LOL!

Yesterday was a whirlwind. Hannah had a few visitors. Mrs. Wheeler(Hannah's first and the most fabulous teacher), Bro. Strawn and my brother Mike came by. She was friendly enough with them and responded but yesterday was just an overall day of irritation. Kyle came up and stayed with us last night and that made Hannah quite happy. She interacted with him well and sang her spanish songs, etc. with him.

Healthwise everything is in the air. About the time they THINK they know what is up, they test to confirm, and find that it isn't what they thought. The opthamologist came by yesterday evening, dilated Hannah's eyes and took a look. He said that her optic nerve is a little swollen but that is not uncommon with status seizures. They brought an infectious disease specialist and she is seeing Hannah but she is basically on for precautionary measures because the exam she did didn't lead her to believe anything serious infectionious disease wise was going on. They thought she may have strep because she has puss pockets on her tonsils but the strep screening came back negative. The trauma team is also on her case because she has a nasty knot on the side of her head and abrasions and bruises on her right upper arm. They are watching for some kind of internal injury because she had a little blood in a couple of the urines they did. Yesterday they wanted to reintubate her and do a scan, but I asked for an alternative approach. We just got her extubated and I really wanted her to get a break. So, they came back with an alternative plan and are just watching labs for signs that there may be a problem internally.

I do believe we got our miracle. I know things are still dire and we need God's help and guidance. Especially on the unknowns. However, her brain functions are all totally normal and she is functioning just like she was before the status seizure. Best of all there have been no more seizures. There is a new song that Hannah LOVES. It's called "Be Blessed". Her favorite part says...."I'll pray for you, you pray for me, and watch God change things!" She and I have made up hand motions to it and yesterday she looked at me and said...."I'll pray for you...." so we began singing it and doing our hand signals as best we could. I take her hands in mine and put them on her chest and say..."I'll pray for you...", then I put them on mine and we sing..."you pray for me..." and then we raise are hands in the air together and say "watch God change things!" All the way to Cooks the other day David and I played that song over and over. There is a verse that begins and it says...."I see you in the future and you look better, your walking in favor and prosperity too...." We sang..." I see Hannah in the future and she looks better, she's walking in favor and prosperity too!" I just believe that we witnessed God do some changes of circumstances and this situation because we prayed and y'all prayed and God was able to work.

Thank you so much.I know I'm rambly this morning. I just woke up full and thankful and so in awe of God's grace and love! I heard my baby ask God to touch her body and I'll never let her forget that God did just as she asked him to. And I'll make sure she knows that people all over the world cared and reached out to God on her behalf.

Doctors coming I'll update soon

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