Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Better Day....

We've had some pretty rough days lately. Lots of draggy lethargic days for Hannah. The last couple of days I've been ready to tear my hair out. The pharmacist didn't know how to dial down Hannah's diastat prescription. I explained it to two different pharmacists and it just wasn't getting through. I was down to one diastat at home and don't like to get that low. They kept telling me to come back the next day. Talk about frustrating! I would have went behind the counter and did it myself had I not feared being arrested! Uggggh! Then yesterday Billie was taking her meds and got choked on one. I'm talking she got CHOKED on one. She couldn't breath and was mouthing the word "water". I was afraid she'd pass out before I got back with waters so I had to make her stand up and do the himlick on her. After three thrusts she was able to breath. Then we got her some water. I told her that she and Hannah just were not going to be happy until they killed me. LOL! Then last night Hannah went to bed really well and about 9:30 starting coughing. At 10:30 she threw her guts up all over our bedding. No fun that is for sure.

Today however was a better day. At least to this point, and I'm goign to believe it'll end on a good note. Hannah and I went to the post office and Wal-mart this morning before it got to hot. She really enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching the joy she brought to people that interacted with her. It's hard to explain the draw she has. She just brightens people's day when they get to be around her. Despite everything this little girl has been through she's happy. I hope she never loses that happiness.

The next few weeks are full of appointments and getting ready for school to start again. I think I'm ready for it. I know Hannah is. She has missed school and her friends.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Please keep them coming. We do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know that as long as we have people praying we're gonna be alright.

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