Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Zoo Trip

I'd say the zoo was a success. Hannah seemed to enjoy it. I think she liked riding in her wagon the best. She didn't want to get out of it. She liked the bears, fish, owls, and elephants the most. I think the more she does these type of things the more comfortable she'll become. So, we'll definately do another zoo trip. David and Kyle went with her and I. Kyle manned the wagon the whole day. She didn't mind having bubba close by. We went to AppleBees after the zoo and she loved it. She had chicken strips and fries. Her favorite meal. We're all tired but very pleased with the way the day went.

Happy Birthday Hannah....

Today May 30th, is Hannah's birthday. Tomorrow we are taking her to the zoo. It will be her first time. Every time we've had plans to go, it either got too hot, or she got ill. I'm hoping she enjoys it. She got a radio flyer deluxe wagon for her birthday. She loves it!

This year has been an interesting one. We finally got a diagnosis of autism. Hannah's seizures returned in July. She also went to school full time. She loves school. We applied for her service dog in January and she was approved in February and her donation requirement was fully raised in April. We are slated to go get the dog and train with it March of '09. Hannah's getting more interested in the idea everyday and tells everyone she's going to get a "woof woof"!

Overall I think this has been a year of acceptance. I've been so wrapped up in getting answers that I have found it hard to enjoy the precious girl before me. When I do step back from all that, I experience pure joy. This child is really a gift. She smiles alot, she loves more, and she has taught me more about life in her short 7 years than I learned in the 30 before her. I can't imagine my life without her.

All I want is for this little angel to enjoy her life. I want her to be confident in who she is, and to know that she is loved to pieces.

To Hannah: I accept you, celebrate you, and love you, my precious Hannah! Happy Birthday! momma


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wallace Park Field Trip

The pre-k at Franklin Elementary spent the day at Wallace Park. Hannah's special needs class go to go for a couple of hours and they had a wonderful time. Hannah tried out her new cooling vest and it worked well. She was able to stay out and play much longer and more safely than she would have in the past. Actually Hannah wouldn't have been able to have this experience without the vest. I thanked God all day for scientist and inventors. All the kids had a wonderful time. Hannah especially liked the little yellow chair that you sat in and someone rocked it. Kind of feels like riding a horse.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

You've Got to see This....

I was moved beyond words this morning. At the end of church today, during altar service, a lady in our congregation named Joan came up to me and handed me an envelope. She then began telling me about her boyfriend that is in prison, and how his Bible Study group prays for Hannah when they get together. Well, they annointed this hankerchief, prayed over it, and mailed it to her to give to us. It is incredible. I had to share it. It's the most encouraging thing to know that there are people out there going before the throne of God on behalf of our angel and they've never even met her! What an awesome world we live in! Enjoy the photos and be blessed today!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here Comes Summer....

Well, we're readying for the summer and have approximately 9 mths until we go get Hannah's dog. I'm looking for things to keep Hannah busy and so far we only have Vacation Bible School for a week at Central Baptist. Rachael was so kind to let us attend. I know Hannah will have a blast.

I really don't know what our summer will look like with Hannah. She LOVES school so much. I think I'll keep looking and hopefully find some kind of play group for her. I also am going to set up a little school area in the living room and give her activities to do. We'll paint, cut, color, and try to do as much school type things as we can so she won't lose any of her skills that she has learned or hopefully we can improve and build on them.

I am supposed to get her cooling vest this week and that will make alot of activites that were once off limits possible now. We can maybe go to the zoo and park some.

For the most part Hannah is still doing well. She has been a bit cranky lately, but I think it's because her allergies are bothering. If hers feel anything like mine, then know wonder she's cranky.

David and I are going to Switzerland in July. Aunt Sissy is goign to come and stay a week with the kids and nanna while we're away. It will be the first time I've left Hannah in someone's care for that length of time since she came home. I'm so not sure I can do it. LOL! She probably won't even miss me, she'll be having so much fun with Aunt Sissy.

It's time to get dinner so I'll let y'all know again soon how things are.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please Pray for this Family....

This little girl with autism lost her life eloping. The biggest fear that comes with autism happened to this family. They need prayer.

Ashley Brock 2002-2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trip to New School....

This is Layne and his parents Jonathan and Vicki. I wish I had taken the time to zoom in, but I didn't. They are such a nice family.
We made a visit to the school here in Hillsboro that Hannah would attend next year. I couldn't get her to look at me on the bus. She was so entranced with what was going on around her. Ms. Driver drove us to the school, and Mrs. Wheeler and Israel did the tour as well. We met the Asst. principal, the new teacher, the paraprofessionals, nurse, music teacher, counselor, and PE teachers. We also saw all the rooms Hannah would be in next year.
My baby is growing up!