Sunday, April 27, 2008

The details....

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get to a post. It's been a hectic couple weeks around here. So, here's the details....

First of all, our fund raising requirement was met and exceeding by $4,500. That extra money goes to another child that has been fund raising a very long time trying to meet the requirements to get their dog. So, not only are y'all helping Hannah, you helped another child as well. Amazing!

Hannah is in the March '09 training class. That is when we will go to Ohio for 10 days and get her dog. We will fly up there, get her dog, and it will stay with us 24 hours a day while we are there. We are required to stay in a hotel 15 miles or less from the facility, and we will take the dog to the facility everyday to train with it. We will then graduate from the training class and fly home with our newest family member.

In the meantime, we have to video Hannah in all her elements. As well as her melt downs, etc. We also have to video each family member and let them tell how they feel about Hannah getting the dog. Oh, and we'll have to video our cat, "Precious", lazying around the house. LOL! I also have to gather t-shirts with Hannah's scent on them. They have to have t-shirts or clothes with her scent when she isn't having seizures as well as when she is and I have to keep the clothes totally seperate. The two scents can't be mixed.

We also have to prepare for the dog. We do not presently have a dog and have never had an inside dog before. The dog has to have special crate, toys, food, snacks, etc. So, we have plenty to keep us busy until our training class.

The Central Baptist church is doing a fund raiser for us at the end of summer to help with the expenses we'll have going to training and when we get home with the dog. Plane tickets, hotel stay and supplies for the dog. Also, Jennifer's husband works for Southwest and they are putting us in for a possible ticket donation. People are really reaching out to help us in ways I never imagined.

We feel so blessed. There are people who have been raising money for over a year and we did it in two months! And that was without one fund raiser. The response to Hannah's brochure's was very impressive. She's a very blessed little girl to have so many angels in this world.

I'll continue to keep you all posted on the developments. I'm sure it's not over. Just yesterday we had a family get together and one of David's cousins gave us a $100 to go towards our trip to training in March. I am going tomorrow to start a savings account to have a place to house these donations until we go in March. I'm in awe at God and how you've all helped our family. Especially our Hannah.

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