Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter and More Kisses

Below you will find Pictures of Easter. We got another kiss from God on Sunday. Every year Hannah usually had a melt down and would not attempt to hunt eggs with her peers. This year I had braced myself for another year like all the others. (We've kind of made a pact between us that we will not stop attempting the typical where Hannah is concerned. Regardless of the outcome we will treat her as typical as possible, and allow her experiences that every child has.) The kids lined up for the hunt, and the teacher said go! Hannah started picking up eggs and putting them in her bucket! David, Kyle and I were very excited. She was having so much fun! All I could do is smile and hug her as she told me, "Good job Hannah, Hannah good job!" She refers to herself in the third person often.

I've had so many things take place in the last week, that it's been whirlwind-ish. First I sent a press release to the paper and they printed a story in our local paper not once, but twice. Then today I was told that our local radio station had been calling on people to help us out too! I am so touched by the way people have reached out to help us. This is going beyond my wildest dreams. Hannah just may have her dog by Christmas! That would be so wonderful!

Hannah's started doing things she hasn't done since before she started having the really bad seizures. She is coloring, following directions, and showing more interest in toys. She's really showing interest in the kids around her but seems unsure of how to approach or play with them. We're just excited that she's showing interest.

To alot of you, I know, those things will make you sad to read, but to us, they make us grin ear to ear. You really do learn to see how you've taken for granted all the small things and learn to celebrate and appreciate them. Afterall, we have a whole lot more small in our lives than big, so if we can celebrate and appreciate the small, we'll add alot more moments of happiness to our lives!

I want to say thank you to Harwood for their kindness to Hannah! They donated $3,700(not an exact total yet) towards her dog. Also, thank you to The Hill County Reporter and KHBR-1560 AM for putting Hannah's story out "there". I'll have a new total on April 1st! Thanks everyone for your support and donations!

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