Monday, March 10, 2008

Big and Small!

Hannah told me yesterday when we got in the van after church, "I need chips and a coke coke please." I was sooooo excited. You better believe she got some chips and a coke.(she's only had about a handful of coke in her life so where this sudden need for coke comes from I don't know, LOL!)

On Friday Mrs. Wheeler made remarks about how Hannah responded to her and drew some smiley faces. We had to show everyone that came in the door the smiley faces in her folder. She told them, "say, good job Hannah!" She's going through this thing where she tells us what we're supposed to say. And you better believe you better say it just like you said it before! She's a mess!

Today, she got in the van and cackled and told me, "momma, I'm so silly!" I told her that she sure was silly!

We had her ARD today and I was so happy to hear about a little girl that Hannah is starting to interact with in her regular ed class. Her ARD went well, I think. Everyone seems to enjoy Hannah and I honestly believe her education team will do what they can to help her and help us help her. It was thrilling to hear that they are seeing the improvements that we are and that it's been in the same time frame.

I know that one thing having Hannah has taught me....slow down, and appreciate the small things, and to celebrate them. I think so many times in our lives we overlook the small looking toward the big, and when the big never comes we miss it all. Big and Small!

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